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The Olympic Tickettracker

Hopefully you have put your hands on your first Olympic Tickets via sales of Sunweb, Eventeam or CoSport that have all started. It certainly got my adrenaline flowing, this Tickethunt season! But also, you feel immediate frustration when your tickets are not available or just sold out! Despite these setbacks, my Olympic aspirations are fully fuelled again!

My experience is that in Tickethunting you often fail at the first attempt(s). Don’t give up. There are still many chances on your way to Tokyo2020! We will help you. Read this blog, get the Olympic Tickettracker and you will get plenty of hope to achieve your Olympic Tokyo2020 journey

In this blog I will explain how the Olympic Tickettracker works and how to apply for your most important tool to get your Olympic tickets.

Olympic Fan Feeling

In September 2013 (!) Tokyo defeated Madrid and Istanbul in the match between aspiring Olympic cities. At the time, 2020 seemed as far away as 1964, the year that Tokyo was previously an Olympic host.  Now I hear you thinking: ‘summer 2020, that’s still almost one year from now?’ Sure, that’s right, but for an Olympic fan preparation start already now. In my blogs I will describe these preparations as a fanatic Olympic supporter, share my own Olympic experiences and offer tips and advice.

But the aim is above all to have fun and to share. The Olympics are, just like for athletes, also for sports fans the ultimate. Why? What is that “Olympic Fan Feeling” (OFF)? That feeling you get in the run-up to those 2 weeks, that feeling that dominates an entire city during those two Olympic weeks. Yes, that feeling that is so strong that you’ll enjoy it long after the flame has extinguished

A japanese view

Olympic Nights

Olympic Tickethunting

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