Farah’s Fall & Victory!

mo farah rio 2016 victory 1000 m athletics

Date 13/08/2016
Location: Olympic Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
Mo Farah - Athletics 10.000m Men

It’s the 10th round of the 25 in total.

The 10.000 meter is a contest of energy sparing. Running as closely as possible along the inner line. Not too fast running in the wind. Finals are special, since the time is not important. Races become very tactical with multiple runners from Ethiopia and Kenia trying to dominate the game or to change rhythm continuously.

Mo Farah came to Rio as the double Olympic Champion of London. Gold in the 5.000 as well as the 10.000 metres. The noise the last 200 meter in London during his 5.000 meter was incredible. Only matched by my Maracana experience in Rio. ‘

In Rio we were sitting high up in the stands and watched how Farah started, as he always does, at the back of the pack. But then moving forward after around 5 to 7 rounds. Then a shock through the stadium. A dramatic moment. Mo Farah falls to the ground by being tripped over by his (trainings partner!) Rupp from the USA. This surely is the end of this double/double aspirations. British fans close to us putting their heads in their hands.

But what we see then is one of those special moments in Olympic history. First Rupp is slowing down to see if Mo is all right (thumb goes up) and then Mo continues and regains position after position. And in the last 300m he does what he is normal to do, winning in the final sprint! After a fall!

Incredible moments like these makes you humble. And it gives inspiration that when have your setbacks in life, sulking is not going to help you. Getting up and continue to strive for the best in life is the only way! Not only did Farah win the 10.000m he later that week also took the gold in the 5.000m making him the only athlete in the world to have done the double/double in the 5 and 10.000m.

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