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The road to Tokyo

Olympic Tickettracker

Tickethunting should be an Olympic discipline. You often fail at the first attempt(s). Don’t give up. We will help you for Tokyo2020. Read this blog, get the Olympic Tickettracker and you will get plenty of hope to achieve your Olympic Tokyo2020 journey

Less then a year !

Preparing for a trip to the Olympic Games is one with highs and (many) lows!  But follow two basic rules; Rule nr 1) keep focusing on the goal – see the Games! And rule nr 2) keep believing in it and continue! Update on prepartions in this blog

A Japanese View

How are the Olympic Games received in Japan? Naoko, raised in Tokyo and now living in the Netherlands, tells me how she and her mother of 78, who still lives in Tokyo, are experiencing the run-up to the Games. Again many practical tips & tricks.

Olympic Nights

Where to sleep is a very logical question in your Olympic preparations. In this blog I will tell about my own Olympic overnight experiences and conclude with some advice. With the aim as always to give you inspiration, hope and practical tips!

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 “Tickets. Tickets… Tickets! HELP!”. This blog provides the necessary information (how-where-when) about Tokyo2020 Tickethunting.  How you can visit as many of your beloved events as possible, preferably also at normal / original ticket prices!

Olympic Planning

How do I make my own Olympic Schedule? This blog is about this: what does the schedule of the Games look like, what should you keep in mind when it comes to choosing sports events? And of course, the question; what do you want?

Olympic Fan Feeling

What is that “Olympic Fan Feeling” (OFF)? That feeling you get in the run-up to those 2 weeks, that feeling that dominates an entire city during those two Olympic weeks. Yes, that feeling that is so strong that you’ll enjoy it long after the flame has extinguished

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