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Hopefully you have put your hands on your first Olympic Tickets via sales of Sunweb, Eventeam or CoSport that have all started. It certainly got my adrenaline flowing, this Tickethunt season!

My experience is that in Tickethunting you often fail at the first attempt(s). Don’t give up. There are still many chances on your way to Tokyo2020! We will help you. Read this blog, get the Olympic Tickettracker and you will get plenty of hope to achieve your Olympic Tokyo2020 journey.

In this blog I will explain how the Olympic Tickettracker works and how to apply for your most important tool to get your Olympic tickets.

It was somewhere in October 2011.

London’12 would be my third Summer Games, after Athens’04 and Beijing’08. I had the opportunity to buy a few tickets for London via the official IOC sale. But I did notice that it was becoming increasingly difficult to get my desired tickets. The Games were getting bigger and the corresponding general (ticket) interest! In addition, many Europeans could easily travel to London. My biggest challenge became; How do I get the rest of my tickets?

In the same period Twitter came up and through that medium I encountered Kevin Plasmans. He was just like me a big fan of the Olympic Games and was also busy preparing for London. We knew that the sale of tickets via the different European countries was not bound by national borders.

In short; free movement of goods in Europe made it possible to purchase tickets in all European countries! This fact, combined with Kevin’s unique IT expertise, inspired him to develop the so-called Olympic Tickettracker.

But what is it exactly, how does it work and above all; how can you use it?

1-European sales organizations (ATRs)

The sale of tickets to Japanese residents is tied to a Japanese resident’s permit. So, you can only get tickets in cooperation via your Japanese network.

Sales to the rest of the world is organised via the authorized national ticket resellers (ATRs). In the Netherlands that is Sunweb. Sales have started in June 2019. There are ATR’s in all countries that have obtained these sales rights from the IOC. DERTOUR in Germany, Eventeam in Belgium and France, Co-Sport in Sweden, etc. Via this link you can view all the ATRs and register.

Most of these organizations have started sales. In the beginning this is often combined in a travel package (flight, hotel and tickets). But also, the some individual tickets have been sold.

2-Sales phases (even during the games)

It is important (also for good hopes!) to know that not all tickets are allocated to these national organizations in one go. Additional tickets are often allocated later in the year ánd also in 2020 – even until shortly before the Games. In addition, also in a later phase, unsold tickets from travel packages are sold individually.

This means that you must stick to your own Olympic bucket list. So, don’t be afraid if for now you only have a few events (or even 0!)

3-The Tickettracker

You could say that Europe is in fact a group of market booths where occasionally tickets are put on offer. But how do you know exactly when those market booths have new offering? If you only randomly check you are in 99% of the cases too late.

The TICKET TRACKER has been developed exactly for that! A piece of software that tracks changes on the websites of those ATR organizations. An email is then sent to the registered members at exactly those moments. That is really an Olympic innovation!

THE TRACKER ALSO WORKS FOR AMERICANS AND AUSTRALIANS. It is vital that you get an early notice from Co-Sport on the first-come, first-serve ticketsales!

My personal experience: So, in 2011 I received via the Tracker an email when ICELAND had tickets on offer for the Final Basketball (“the dream team”). Ten minutes later they were sold-out. And I had put my hands on two! Without the Tickettracker I would have had no chance!

An additional advantage of buying in different countries is the fact that certain sports are NOT popular for the people of that country (hockey in France). That gives you more chance for hockey tickets in that country.

Thanks to the Tracker for London’12 and Rio’16, I have been able to buy tickets in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Denmark and Iceland. About 50% of my tickets I collected through the Tracker!

And the best thing is to obtain those tickets that I thought would be impossible to lay my hands on: Men’s Basketball Final 2012, Epke Zonderland in Rio, Olympic football & volleyball finals in Rio, Women’s Hockey Finals in London and Rio. Dafne & Usain in Rio. All unique experiences and memories that I will cherish all my life!

For Tokyo I have now got tickets for 15 events. Of which 12 came from the Tracker!

4-Registration & costs

The Olympic Tickettracker for Tokyo2020 has again been developed by Kevin. The costs have also been kept very low to give as many people as possible a chance to experience their Olympic Fan Feeling! The onetime contribution is 15 euros. You can now subscribe to the Tokyo2020 Tracker via this site. After your registration and payment, you then can indicate which tickets (via the ‘’session code”) you are looking for. You will only receive an e-mail if any of the (mostly European) ATRs release any of these indicated tickets. Very effective! 

My last advice when it comes to your Tickethunt; be patient! There are still more than 8 months to go in which you will get your opportunities to buy tickets. For me this-phase gives me that unique pre-Olympic fever! I therefore have asked the IOC to include Tickethunting as an official Olympic sport!

Kind regards


Official Olympic TicketHunter

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