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Tickettracker Tokyo2020

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Example Tickettracker Notice

A few new #OlympicTickets just popped up on the #TeamGB site. Cheap athletics final(ATH16E) and a Diving session(DIV14B). All gone now! Alert thanks to the tracker! If you want to be the first to know when new tickets become available sign up too!

Tickethunting top 10

1-The Local / Japanese registration.

2-ATR sales organizations 

3-Our Tickettracker

4-Online public sale sites

5-black market

6-“Fall with the door in the house”

7-Holland Heineken House 

8-Social Media (Twitter!)

9 Network

10-Faith, Hope & Love

Tickettracker Tokyo2020

Tickettracker-How does it work?

Whenever new tickets are placed on one of official Tokyo2020 (ATR) websites, which often happens without announcement, all registered people receive an email within 3 minutes. The email includes the available tickets and a link to the website to purchase these tickets.

Olympic Tickettrackers have a crucial headstart. Often tickets are gone in minutes! 

Hundreds of tickets have been distributed in the last months and the salesorganisations will continue to do so until Tokyo2020 starts!


Below an overview of our latest Twitter messages. See how many people were able to buy Olympic Tickets thanks to our system.

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